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About Batuta Trade

Industry experience acquired within the framework of the 21st Century standards established in Turkey in order to transfer to the world; is an organization that carries out activities in the field of investment consultancy, foreign trade, and technology transfer. In this context, within the hosting industry ecosystem in Turkey, in accordance with the akhism a culture, we provide service and advanced service.

We see that the use of advanced technologies and services in today's conditions is so difficult to use and that there is very little use in developing or underdeveloped countries. We are aware that there is an atmosphere where these facilities will be made without requiring large-scale investments and can easily be demanded. In the framework of this awareness, we are working to respond to the demands of the world from the beginning to the end, to share the opportunities we have and to advance to a brighter future.

In order to make detailed use of Know-How, we carry out Turkish industrial experience in many sectors such as construction, food, furniture, and textiles. In many countries of the world, including B2B sector, including the selection of the sector, determination of application area, procurement of machinery, the supply of raw materials, technical training, implementation and marketing of quality processes. we work hard to fill the gap step by step.


The know-how presentation booklet

Which is unique in the world and evolving every day, has been prepared in order to facilitate the investment decisions of the traders. In this booklet, available from outsourced facilities and knowledge transfer within the scope of Turkey will be established in terms of the space required for businesses include production, costs were foreseen to be calculated by the entrepreneurs themselves as workers and tax costs.

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