• Professional Qualification Programme
    Professional Qualification Programme

    The education of proficiency is given by universities and technical high schools all over the world and it takes a long time. We, as Batuta Know-How, prefer practical training without any interaction to any institution; to fulfill the need of industry and the student. The main point here is the relation of master-apprentice; despite that the relation shouldn’t be like teacher-student fort he benefit of training. The one who has ability and interest to training will turn back to his country as a master; however who has not enough interest to training will turn back to his country without sufficient background. With this programme the costs of education/training will decrease to %10 percent.

  • Turnkey System Installation
    Turnkey System Installation

    The process will start with the full power of attorney delivered to us. From raw material to package all the process of installation and establlishment will be controlled by us. Turnkey system installation is the most extensive and the most secure way for the confidence of business. The systems will be guaranteed by our side 2 years.

  • On-Site Business Programs
    On-Site Business Programs

    By introducing the representatives of the Turkish industry to the programs prepared in the countries where the request comes, the transfer of experience is realized within the framework of the business model defined as Business to Business (B2B). At the end of the program, people who want to take the product or service to their own country have the opportunity to have detailed information, training, and consultancy, and to take the action.

  • Individual Programs
    Individual Programs

    In accordance with the incoming requests related to any one or all of the processes are special programs made as a result of individual applications. The process that started as a result of reaching the request by the representatives of the country resulted in the establishment of a facility. Know-How consultancy that distinguishes it from the turnkey installation is not directly in the contractor position of our company is furthermore consultant position.

  • Open Calls
    Open Calls of Turkish Industrial Experience Sharing program for Construction Materials Production and Food Production

    In our this service, we want to show and share Turkish Industrial Experience with foreign entrepreneurs and traders. Thus, they can see that how profitable, easy and necessary the production is with their eyes. In the scope of the tours, the participants have a change to see the huge factories, as well as the workshops they can establish at very low costs. In addition to these experiences, our tours will have B2B meetings every day and the experts of the sector will make presentations. You will learn about all the detailed information about production with these tours.

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  • Franchise

    The manufacturing franchise model is the investor's ability to reach the planned production, sales capacity and product quality by using the brand and experience of a manufacturer firm already in another country. In this way, the person who receives the franchise service can get the experience he / she has over the years quickly, and the organization / person providing the franchise service can enter to the target market with low risk and low risk.


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The know-how presentation booklet, which is unique in the world and evolving every day, has been prepared in order to facilitate the investment decisions of the traders. In this booklet, available from outsourced facilities and knowledge transfer within the scope of Turkey will be established in terms of the space required for businesses include production, costs were foreseen to be calculated by the entrepreneurs themselves as workers and tax costs.

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